Weight Loss

If you are overweight you are probably tired of everyone telling you that losing weight is just about eating less food and or consuming fewer calories. You may have tried every diet old and new. But, sometimes it seems that no matter what you eat your body has a way of turning it into a pound of fat. Many people who attempt weight loss discover sooner or later their efforts are complicated by metabolic programming that keeps weight on the body regardless of how one changes their eating habits.

If you’d like to see if such programming is affecting your weight loss efforts ask yourself these questions :

  • Do you find that no matter how much you starve yourself the weight just doesn’t fall off as quickly as it should?
  • Do you find yourself eating less than your more slender friends and still don’t lose weight?
  • Do you find your food cravings going way up even as the pounds begin to fall off? As if you were starving instead of dieting?
  • Do you become tired and lethargic when dieting?
  • Do you gain back all the weight you’ve lost from a diet with alarming speed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you probably have some subconscious metabolic programming to hold weight on your body instead of burning it up for energy as it should.

The good news is there are many ways we can deal with this programming through hypnosis so you don’t have to fight your body to lose weight!

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do because you have to change not only your eating habits and your exercise plan, but also your view of eating and your lifestyle. This includes your daily routine, your schedule and what food you have in your house.
But the benefits are tremendous to both your health and your self confidence. Even if you only have a few pounds to lose it can sometimes feel impossible. But its not.

By using Hypnosis we help you to make the necessary changes in your life and to your metabolic programming. With Hypnosis you can also increase your willpower and change learned behaviors and habits. We also help you to increase your motivation to adopt healthier eating habits.

All Weight Loss sessions include teaching you self-hypnosis so you can continue to maintain the benefits of your hypnosis sessions.

We offer a Free Consultation for you to come in and see if hypnosis is right for you.

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