“I had struggled for a long time with insomnia. Now I am sleeping through the night. It feels so good to get a peaceful nights sleep. Thank you so much!” ~ Grace

“Hypnosis has helped me immensely in so many ways. I struggled for many years with addiction. One session with Raina turned my life around. Thank you for your gift of healing.”  ~ Allison

“I never knew Hypnosis could be so life changing. Thank you for helping me put my life in order and for my new positive outlook.”   ~ Karin

“I’m doing so great. Thank you. You did a great job. After smoking for so many years, I now have no urge.” ~ Eric

“Its amazing how I feel. So much energy, and I’m losing more weight every day. My whole mind set has changed about food. Thank you so much!” ~ Lynn

“Thanks for everything.” ~ Amy

“Having experienced the positive effects of hypnosis 22 yrs ago, by eliminating smoking from my life. 3 sessions with Raina has recently helped me with my weight. Recognizing the need was the first step.”  ~ Tim

“Hypnosis has changed my life so much. It helped me quit smoking and lose weight. Everyday I feel the changes and I am amazed at how wonderful it feels to be doing things I never thought I could.”  ~ Janet

“Since the day I met Raina, I have not had any sweets. I have thought about them for a quick second, but the thought disappears as fast as it enters my mind. I have come to believe that hypnosis really does work. I had been struggling with eating sweets and stress my whole life, and it had become out of control. Until I met with her I could not stop eating sugar. Although I had overcome many other issues in my life, sugar had been a demon I had not been able to shake.” ~Sandra

“I took Raina’s HypnoBirthing classes, and I am so glad that I did. They helped me to learn a lot of things I didn’t already know or realize, and especially how to remain relaxed and calm. I was able to birth my son naturally, and truly had an amazing labor. I also love how she taught my husband techniques to help me during my labor. He didn’t feel useless, per say, but really a part of everything that was going on.” ~Jennifer

“I was not confident it would work, actually I was a huge doubter. I am happy to report (and slightly embarrassed for doubting) that I have not chewed tobacco since our session. I want to thank you so much for what you did. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. Tobacco controlled me and my every movement. I would calculate when I could chew, how I would get a chew in before my next meeting, etc. I feel free !!!  I’m using some of the money I save from not chewing, and taking my wife and kids to Disney. Thank you so much !” ~Nate

“I took HypnoBirthing Classes with Raina. I knew I wanted to birth my baby in a natural way, and wasn’t sure what classes to take. I am so glad that I found these classes! They are so informative and the environment is so comfortable and relaxed. Any questions I had, she was able to answer. And even covered things I hadn’t thought about. I highly recommend them! The birth of my baby was amazing, I had confidence and knew when situations arose I was able to make informed decisions. Healthy baby and very happy Mommy and Daddy. Thank you, Tranquil Rain HypnoBirthing!” ~ Amanda

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